1. Daydreamin
  2. Waiting
  3. Crazy
  4. Summertime (feat. December Rose)
Since 2009, Oregon island-rocker Cody R Burns has been making big waves in the Portland pop/rock music scene. With feel-good melodies and rocking anthems, Burns has featured on both student and national radio worldwide, labeled as one of the "brightest new stars".
To celebrate 7 years of music, Cody R Burns is releasing Take Me Back, a collection that resembles the fan favorite songs from his first 4 albums. 22 songs, including 4 duets, that are revisiting their time in the sun.
"I'm just a small town kid from Albany" Burns once said in a 2012 interview with the LA
Daily Bruin. However, this small town kid has made a major overcoming in the west coast
pop/rock music scene.

In 2009, after attempting to form a band several times, Burns decided to release a solo music
project title "Acoustics". The setlist had a mix of covers and original songs. Just expecting to release
the album as a hobby project, he never saw what came next. His Facebook fanpage suddenly had thousands of fans, and even warranted the attention of an Island Records rep. Burns agreed to share his songs in a contract deal, and soon found his music being shared on student radio across the country. He then recorded a second album, Rest & Respite, in 2011. However, Burns had been unhappy with the situation he was in. "I was seeing my songs sell, but I wasn't getting paid hardly anything for them," Burns stated in an interview, "so I basically put them online as free downloads just to make the sales pointless." Pointless or not, Burns broke ties with the contract soon after, and found himself back at ground zero.

"In terms of self-publishing versus contract deals, there's a lot to think about," Burns continued. "I had major attention, but I wasn't happy and definitely wasn't reaping any rewards from my hard work." Deciding to start fresh, he re-recorded his 2009 Acoustics set original songs and released a refreshing remake in 2012. Already making a name for himself, songs like 'Fly Away' and 'Walk With Me' became instantly noticed by student radio stations country wide. Seeing the response and overwhelming demand, Burns also remade Rest & Respite for a 2013 release. "That's where everything began to change," Burns laughed. 'Daydreamin' became the top pick in its prerelease on 2012 for songs on the L.A. Student Radio. 'Waiting' was awarded a top 40 pick on a UK radio station list, as well as became the first song to release on mainstream radio on STAR 102.3 out of Eugene, Oregon. Maverick, the host, declared that he was "honored to be able to play [Waiting] on the radio in front of thousands upon thousands of people." It was then that Cody realized everything had changed since 2009 when he was making songs with a laptop and a crappy 25 cent microphone in his parents' garage.

So where to go next? Burns spent 2013 recording a brand new album, Sounds of Summer, that had a few grand moments of its own. 'Crazy', a fan fave song, released to mainstream radio straight away, on 102.7 KYTE FM out of Newport, Oregon. That song also went on to allow Burns to become spotlighted as the 2013 Texaco County Showdown Performer of the Month. Burns also teamed up with Montreal Pop Princess December Rose on SOS relaxing track 'Summertime', which would go on to make the top 100 new songs of the summer for Billboard Canada.  
Feeling at the top of his game, it was in 2013 that Cody decided to take a break from his music to focus on real life. "I had gotten married and moved to Portland, it was time to focus on real life away from all this surreal stuff," Burns explained. Keeping his Facebook fanpage alive with small teasers and having his songs play on repeat every summer, there weren't any immediate plans to work on another music album. Cody began to focus more on his acting career, landing guest spots on popular shows such as 'Grimm', 'Portlandia', and 'The Librarians'. 

Fast forward to 2016, and Burns finally had plans to release his 4th album. "Another summer was coming, I had an awesome list of tunes I had messed around with over my 3 year break, and I thought it was time to return." Another Day Another Beach made its debut in June 2016, showcasing more diversity than his past albums. "It's weird," Cody smirked as he explained, "this one's got a song called 'Amazing' I wrote in 2012 for my wife on our wedding, and it also has a song called 'My Everything' that I wrote last week." The latter song would debut the album on mainstream radio, releasing on 102.7 KYTE FM once again. "It's an amazing feeling," Burns continued, "one minute I'm in the car and my song's on the radio, then I get out and head to the beach with all of these people and I think 'How many of them just heard my music on the radio and have no idea?' It's kind of funny."

A fourth album wasn't the only surprise Cody had for long time fans. Since his 3 year hiatus was so long, he decided to release a special treat in August 2016. An album that would serve as a list of fan favorite songs over the years, culminating his first 4 albums into one. 22 songs, including 4 duets, that defined his music from the very beginnings in 2009 to the last song he wrote in 2016. The album that would put him on the map, Take Me Back was not only a 'fan favorite' hit mix, but would begin to define a style of music that probably hasn't been heard since the summer of 1995. Reopening doors for groovy summer pop and rocking the west coast with his breezy jams, Cody continues to plan his music for a bright future, starting with an untitled album schedule to release in summer 2017.
"In Your Eyes"
Rest & Respite (2011, 2013)
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Sounds of Summer (2013)
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"One Heart"
Sounds of Summer (2013)
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"On Our Way"
Sounds of Summer (2013)
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New Album 2017 (2017)
"One More Piña Colada"
New Album 2017 (2017)
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